Saturday, February 24, 2018

Green Screen Fun

Last week Star Academy tried to participate in Digital Learning Day. The kids were set to use chromebooks to research individuals and create slideshows and explore some sites such as biteable, phet simulations, a choose your own adventure on Youtube, and a switchzoo but due to some technical difficulties, we had to postpone those. Thankfully we were able to still utilize some not Internet based tech by practicing coding with Beebots and using a greenscreen to create some fun photographs. Students were able to choose one of four backgrounds to create their own image. Every student that chose to participate is shown below..

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Math Menus

        The students each made a math menu choosing their own theme of their restaurant. They were required to have a specific fraction of their foods and drinks adhere to a standard to show understanding of fractions such as 1/3 hot drinks, 1/4 appetizers with cheese, 1/5 main dishes with noodles, and 0.5 of their desserts with fruit. They also had to include other math-oriented "things" throughout their menu. Here are most of their covers.